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I despised humanity because I couldn't see past my own grief. I thought I'd be happy again because I'd lost faith in myself to go on. Nelli chose to give me a chance at life, and I'm not going to waste it. There's still good in this world. There's always someone to prove humanity isn't just good or evil.
―Izel to Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca

Izel (pronounced: eats-zell) is a young Aztec boy who is humanity's reluctant hero. At age 13, he is tasked by Quetzalcoatl with closing the five gates of the Underworld.


Izel has brown skin, long dark brown hair combed into a ponytail with the back of his head shaved, and used to have brown eyes.

After being chosen as the champion of Quetzalcoatl, his eyes were cursed by the god of the underworld to the color turquoise.


He was a cheerful, loving and sensitive child who was also a little insecure. Always trying to help others to do the right thing though, after the death of his sister Nelli, he goes through a great depression that leads him to attempt suicide which was only prevented by the promise of bringing his sister back to life.

While Izel remains kind he has understandably taken a dim view on humanity, his role as the "champion of humanity" and is still bitter about his former caretaker selling his sister and himself into slavery.


Overall Abilities: While he is quite weak due to Quetzalcoatl considering him the "lowest of the low", Izel has proven that his strong suit is moreso towards his clever mind and being able to come up with ideas during the midst of battle that tend to work out very well.

He is also quite agile and fast despite not being physically imposing being able to outrun many of the monsters sent towards him.

While so far he's shown to be a clever and agile individual, Izel is quite formidable in combat when using K'i'k. Such as in the final battle he was able to kill several monsters with his weapon showing that he's indeed skillful with a blade as well as using one of Yaotl's metallic ornaments as a shield with an enhanced version of K'i'k being a traditional Macuahuitl sword.


K'i'k: His main weapon being a dagger that is capable of absorbing blood and growing in size to become more deadly in combat.



Izel’s older sister, she is the most important person in Izel’s world. When they fled from Tenochtitlan, Nelli was the one who watched her brother’s back since childhood.

Nelli supported Izel when he was getting through hard times. And when she died, Izel’s world crumbled to dust and started to think negatively about humanity and was reluctant about saving it because of his personal loss. But when Yaotl made a promise about convincing the gods to resurrect Nelli if he succeds in his task, hiding that the promise was fake and he was part of a bet, Izel agreed to help.


Izel met Maak along with Nelli when he was saved them from a monster that was trying to kill them when he was a baby.

After that Maak became his caretaker and Izel admired him when he was a child, seeing him as close to a father. When he sold him and Nelli as slaves, he cried in grief not wanting to part with him.

However when he met him again, he blamed him for Nelli's death, telling him angrily that he sold them as animals and that Nelli sacrificed herself for him, saying that if he hadn't sold them, none of that would have happened. He was saddened that Maak adopted the twins and gave them a decent life, while leaving him and his sister to their fate.


Izel has a relationship with Yun similar to the one he had with Nelli

Izel initially did not get along with Yun because his former caretaker (which they share) left him and Nelli and then adopted Yun and his twin brother and gave them a decent life. He also didn't like Yun bothering him and mentioning Nelli despite trying to help him, even throwing him out of a tree and accidentally breaking his leg.

Despite that, Izel regretted what he did to him and fought the killer monkeys in order to save Yun. After the healer was able to heal Yun, they had a sincere conversation and told him things about his past with Nelli, something that surprised Yun and he apologized for what he did to him.

After that they become closer and manage to trust each other with their emotions and support each other in battle. When Izel was depressed over Zyanya's betrayal, Yun comforted him and told him that Nelli wouldn't blame him for wanting to help someone in need and hugged him saying that's what Nelli would do. Izel thanked him and smiled.



  • In Nahuatl, "Izel" means "only one", "one of a kind" or "unique".
  • Izel's blood type is O.
  • Izel's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality traits are ISFP-T (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Perception).



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